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Need to get connected?

XFINITY Internet

  • XFINITY delivers the fastest Internet in America, according to

  • Get the reliably fast speeds you need, even during peak hours, when everyone's online.


Traveling? Great! Access millions of WiFi hotspots nationwide you can connect to.


Get coverage when you need it, and save on your wireless data plan with XFINITY WiFi hotspots. Even Better, it's included with your XFINITY Internet subscription at no additional charge. Locate hotspots near you with the XFINITY WiFi app or at

Want even more?

Ask about X1 DVR service!

  • Watch and record up to six shows at the same time.

  • Enjoy 500 GB of DVR storage space.

  • Start watching in one room and finish in another

  • .

Say it. See it.


1 Voice Remote

With X1, your voice is the remote control. Ask the Voice Remote for a recommendation, and X1 is smart enough to get you exactly what you want to watch.

Need a home phone?


  • XFINITY Voice Unlimited Saver offers the best value fo your money.

  • Stay connected to your loved ones, and make all your important calls.

  • Never worry about wireless reception in your home again.

  • It's easy to switch. You can even keep your current phone number.


Stay connected on the go on any WiFi-enabled mobile device.

Talk, text and enjoy enhanced features like Readable Voicemail and Advanced Call Forwarding all with the XFINITY Connect app.

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